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Notas sobre a reformulação:

Agora a resposta ao leitor Bob Watson de Cochran, GA, sobre os problemas advindos com a reformulação provocada em Crisis:

“It sure just about sank this one, Bob. And since you and quite a few other All-Star Squadron (not to mention Infinity, Inc.) readers have written in recently to express your dissatisfaction with the way CRISIS ended. I thought you all deserved a full explanation as soon as possible – the more so since you couldn’t be any less happy abourt it than I was.
As originally planned, CRISIS was simply going to do away with the multiple-earths situation. Although I myself obviously preferred the latter, I concurred and supported the maxi-series enthusiastically from the start.

I even utilized All-Star Squadron # 50 to straighten out, to a large degree, the problem of who was on which earth from which point and why, and that very popular issue became what was to be the cornestone of the series from then on.

Unfortunately (from my point of view), soon afterward DC decided to go whith na earlier plan of CRISIS writer Marv Wolfman’s, in which the history of (a single) earth was changed retroactively for all time.

Marv and I discussed this problem at great length, and came to na agreement that, after the CRISIS series ended, ALL-STAR SQUADRON would be treated as occurring before CRISIS, so that Superman, Batman & Robin, and Wonder Woman, who were becomining more importante to the mag, could still be utilized. (I also had plans to bring in the Golden-Age Aquaman around # 58). And so we left it.

Soon after I returned from a month in Great Britain, however, I discovered that DC had changed its mind and that henceforth the Golden-Age Big Treen (and a Half, counting Robin), plus the original Aquaman, were not to be used or even mentioned in any stories, either in All-Star Squadron or elsewhere.

This, I felt, rendered too great a blow to the continuity of All-Star Squadron as established – including, as you pointed out, rendering much of what had happened in # 50 impossible; it could simply not have happened in the new continuity. And so, after some discussion, we (editorial boss-man Dick Giordano and I) came up with the only possible solution:

Namely, Arvell Jones, Mike Clark, and I whill wind up the CRISIS/Hypersace story line in # 60, as always planned – with Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, and even Aquaman in attendance – to be followed by a handful of isseus featuring the “secret origins” of some of the core-group All-Stars like Liberty Belle, Robotman, and the Shinning Knight.

(These were stories originally slated for our companion SECRET ORIGINS mag, but which couldn’t be printed under the present schedule for at least a couple of years. So while I hate publishing them out of order, at the same time I’ll be glad to see them printed, for the light they’ll shed on the backgrounds of some of the All-Star stalwarts.)

Then, the very month after this mini-series-whithin-a-series ends, there’ll be a new All-Star Squadron # 1 – a post-CRISIS series which will pick up precisely where the old one leaves off in # 60, except that the Forbidden Five listed above wihll not be depicted, mentioned, or remembered. It’ll be as if they never existed – either on their own or as members of the All-Star Squadron or Justice Society of America.

But we’ve got a pocketful of other surprises in mind for you, as well, when our second series makes its dramatic debut.

For one thing, my own theory is that the energy represented by Superman et at. can´t just evaporate retroactively into nothingness. Something – someone – must take its place.
And it had. Just wait’ll you see what!

Also, Dick and I are discussing different formats, page counts, and the like – so that the new mag is just liable to be a quantum leap forward from the one DC’s been publishing for the past five years.

And that’s just the start of the surprises in store for you when the second series starts, a few short monts from now!”

Roy Thomas, All-Star Squadron # 57 (maio/1986), página 1 da seção de cartas.

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